Smoke Cloud

Smoke Cloud

Remote simulation capacity and management.

Utilise Flexible Capacity

Give yourself the capacity to handle large spikes in your simulation capacity without investing in computing resources that may often lay idle. Pay only for the computing resources that you use.

Monitor and Manage Your Simulations

Use the Smoke Cloud software to better manage and backup simulation data. All simulations can be archived and managed.

Breakdown Per-Project Costs

Account for the resource usage of individual projects to accurately track CFD expenses.

Work Flexibly

No need to manage any hardware but your own laptop or workstation. Whether working from home or the office, all you need is an internet connection.


Pricing is per-hour for each instance (each simulation) that is run.
CPUs Memory Price (GBP/hr)
2 Cores 8 GB GBP 0.08/hr
4 Cores 16 GB GBP 0.16/hr
8 Cores 32 GB GBP 0.32/hr
16 Cores 64 GB GBP 0.64/hr

Simulations can be stored indefinitely. The first 200 GB comes at no cost.
Stored Data Price (GBP/hr)
≤ 200 GB Free
200 GB+ GBP 0.018 per GB⋅Month

How Does it Work?

1. Upload an FDS input file.

2. Monitor the simulation as it runs, downloading partial results if necessary.

3. Download the completed simulation. Results remain stored on Smoke Cloud servers for backup and future retrieval.


Download the client to access and manage simulations.

The client is currently only available for Windows.